The architects and designers of our beautiful testing and personalization solution. Every day they strive to create, improve and innovate through our platform so that it continues to be at the cutting edge of technology and respond to our client’s ever changing requirements.

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Live my life as a... Lead Dev, with Brice

Could you say a few words about you, your history, your passions?

I grew up in the Alps so I very quickly grew to love sports and thirsted for adventure. At school, it was a traditional journey for someone who liked science but didn't know what to do with their life: Science Baccalaureate in Grenoble, preparatory classes in Lyon, then general engineering school in Lille. I did have a strong preference for more “abstract” sciences: maths, IT, etc.

Why did you decide to join a start-up, and more particularly, AB Tasty?

AB Tasty brings together all of the ingredients that I like:

  • Adventure: of course, there’s a lot of challenge when you’re helping a (very) young business to grow.
  • A great state of mind: with co-workers and an atmosphere that I immediately liked.
  • A “maths”-oriented field since we offer our clients statistics, and a profession full of promise that’s both scientific and creative (much more than it seems!): web developer.
  • Only sport was missing: so we motivated ourselves to play tennis and football in-house! We just need an office in the Alps and it would be paradise :)

Could you summarise in a few lines what a Front End Manager does?

Firstly, it’s being the technical manager of a product, but for me it’s above all managing a team.

Meaning making sure that everyone feels like an integral part of the company while feeling good in the job. Everyone needs to feel useful and listened to, the atmosphere needs to be healthy and everyone should feel that they’re making progress personally.

All of that while fulfilling our main mission: creating a useful, easy-to-use and bug-free product!

In the end, it’s about listening, analysing, and asking the right questions. A bit of discernment and of course a bit of coding from time to time so I don't lose my touch!

What is a typical day for a Front End Manager at AB Tasty? How do you divide up your various assignments and your time?

We start with a short, 10-minute meeting where everyone talks about their work in progress and their problems.
The rest of the day revolves around:

  • Managing urgent tasks (bugs and customer problems): grasping and understanding the problem, estimating the time needed to correct, and finally, organise its completion. This preliminary work helps to reduce the pressure from customers and to not interrupt the team in their work too often.
  • Product development: assign planned tasks and discuss everyone’s problems (or questions).
  • Some meetings: to participate in product design and scheduling, present finished work, etc.
  • And at the end of the day, when it’s calmer: a bit of coding to help the product progress!

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be a Front End Manager?

Good listening and analysis skills so that, ideally, a member of the team manages to correct their problem themselves or choose the right solution.

Never be set in your ideas.

Try to have a bit of knowledge in as many fields as possible to be able to understand everyone’s issues.

Of course, know how to manage a bit of stress :)

Can you tell us a story or an event that has stood out since you arrived at AB Tasty?

When gathering information about the company before my interview, I realised that the co-founder had the same (unusual) surname as my grandmother. I snuck it in at the interview and we realised that we were in fact distant cousins and that we were at the same family reunion 20 years before!

In general, how is life at AB Tasty?

Life is grand! Every week we welcome new hires but the atmosphere stays just as great. The only inconvenient is that, little by little, I’m losing by number 1 spot in FIFA!


Brice, Lead Developer
Pawel, Responsable Technique