The growing international CRO movement means our sales team are constantly on the hunt for potential clients looking for an innovative solution to increase conversions. They tailor AB Tasty’s offering to best match the client’s needs. Our customer success teams are also on hand to ensure the complete satisfaction of our existing customers.

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Live my life as a... Customer Success Manager, with Julia

Could you say a few words about you, your history, your passions?

My name is Julia Simon, after business studies at ESC Grenoble and a position at Philips as a Junior Account Manager, I joined AB Tasty in the Customer Success department around 6 months ago.

Why did you decide to join a start-up, and more particularly, AB Tasty?

I had a special interest in new technologies and e-commerce, and I wanted a job with responsibilities where trust was placed in me and where I could lead projects close to my heart. AB Tasty fulfilled all of these criteria!

And then, I wanted to join this young and dynamic company because I really believe in our product; the solution immediately struck me as innovative and a direct answer to the needs of all marketing teams.

Could you summarise in a few lines what a Customer Success Manager does? What is a typical day for a Key Account Manager at AB Tasty? How do you divide up your various assignments and your time?

My job is comprised of two distinct parts: one half Customer Success and one half Key Account Management.
The first is part of a Customer Success programme that we created at AB Tasty, which is a cross-team programme whose goal is to build loyalty among our clients. The idea is to make sure that the AB Tasty service and solution always meet their needs, and to make the required adjustments if needed.

The second part of my position is to manage our customers’ various strategic requests and to reach objectives of additional sales within their organisations.

There’s no real typical day as a Customer Success Manager, that’s what’s interesting! Every day, I interact with my various customers, whether in meetings, calls, or email exchanges, with requests specific to each one.

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be a Customer Success Manager?

In my opinion, first you need to have good people skills (whether it’s listening or making contact) in order to easily determine the customer’s needs and to be able to meet them.

You also have to be well organised to be able to quickly prioritise the tasks and assignments that come up.

Can you tell us a story or an event that has stood out since you arrived at AB Tasty?

I think I’ll remember for a long time when Rémi (the Big Boss) said to me, a couple of days after I arrived at AB Tasty, as seriously as possible that he had an important question to ask me...

"Do you prefer Céline Dion or Mylène Farmer?"

That says it all.

In general, how is life at AB Tasty?

Life at AB Tasty is going very well, everyone is enthusiastic about what they do, and the feeling of helping each other, even like a family, is very real. The atmosphere is young and dynamic, it’s very pleasant.


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