Our Marketing team revels in promoting AB Tasty and its values. Supporting the sales team with innovative marketing material so they can get the word out. Identifying what’s trending in CRO, organize events, create and publish interesting articles, community management all the while cooperating closely with every other department.

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Live my life as a... Communications Officer, with Emilie

Could you say a few words about you, your history, your passions?

My name is Emilie Lorenzo. I’ve been a communications officer at AB Tasty for nearly 1 year, and my history is a bit atypical. After living in several countries, I decided to move back to France to continue my studies in a business school in the south of France.

I fell and love and moved to Paris to be with my partner (cliché, I know!). Since I arrived in the capital, I was naturally drawn to the digital field. It’s an interesting world that is constantly changing and where the people are quite nice! I started on my merry way at service providers and it was by chance (or rather, thanks to LinkedIn) that I found myself at AB Tasty.

Why did you decide to join a start-up, and more particularly, AB Tasty?

AB Tasty is a very dynamic start-up that supports values that are similar to mine. During my first interview, I immediately knew that I’d take part in an extraordinary adventure.

The teams seemed nice and my boss, Anthony, immediately showed he trusted me. I have learned a lot since I arrived in the company. Rémi and Alix, the founders, give us a lot of responsibility and trust so that everyone can find their place and feel fulfilled. The founders have the habit of always challenging us with new projects and new goals as crazy as they are fascinating, which helps us gain new skills quickly. Since I arrived, the number of employees has nearly doubled and we have raised €5.5 million. It’s a great victory for all of the employees who have contributed to the success of this astounding start-up.

Could you summarise in a few lines what a Communications Officer does? What is a typical day for a Communications Officer? How do you divide up your various assignments and your time?

For me, “Communications Officer” is quite vague. The assignments are many and varied, you never get bored! I work in 5 main areas: events, marketing content, press relations, social networks, and company life (and by “company life” that means, among other things, parties!)

In fact, I take care of the image that AB Tasty seeks to project to its customers and the internet ecosystem through various communication media, but I also contribute to the company’s general atmosphere.

No two days are alike. However, every day I organise upcoming and ongoing events, which requires a lot of logistics work as well as monitoring, research, and a great deal of writing.

Also, AB Tasty is very present in the media, so the press relations part takes up a significant amount of my daily work. I also spend a lot of time on social networks; every day I keep the AB Tasty community of conversion experts going.

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be a Communications Officer?

To be a Communications Officer, good writing skills are vital; you need to be able to take the initiative and multi-task since in an environment like a start-up, things go quickly, and you need to react very quickly to requests and never stop adapting to new things.

Being organised is also vital for monitoring the many events. Respecting deadlines, notify speakers and guests, reserve a location when necessary, prepare documents, all of this implies a certain control over the situation!

This work requires a lot of empathy and understanding of the customer. If you don't know your contact, you can’t send them the right messages through the various communication tools at our disposal.

Can you tell us a story or an event that has stood out since you arrived at AB Tasty?

I think the most noteworthy event since I arrived was my birthday. My great co-worker Claire prepared a breakfast on my desk with all of the things I like and everyone wished me happy birthday. I was really touched.

In general, how is life at AB Tasty?

It’s great working at AB Tasty. Everyone gets along really well and we share some great moments together. The fact that we are part of this adventure and contribute to this company’s success brings the teams together and strengthens my desire to stay a while longer in this start-up growing at hyper speed.

But the coolest things are the moments where we relax together. The monthly drinks, the team-building activities, and a lot of other times when we can get together and relax. The activities are often great (of course, I’m the one who thinks of them!) and the drinks turn into parties until the wee hours!


Anthony, Responsable Marketing