Taking good care of the AB Tasty family and ensuring their well-being in line with the values of the company. They have a close relationship with each of our employees. The goal is to nurture and create an enriching working life within AB Tasty. Tasks cover a range of topics, legal issues, accounting, recruitment, etc.

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Live my life as an... Administrative and Financial Manager, with Camille

Could you say a few words about you, your history, your passions?

After studying law, I first joined a law firm. I quickly became an in-house lawyer, and a string of chance meetings led me to AB Tasty as an Administrative and Financial Manager.

Rather than talking about passions, I talk about centres of interest: family, friends, walks, contemporary art, sport.

Why did you decide to join a start-up, and more particularly, AB Tasty?

Before joining AB Tasty I had already had some experience in a start-up as well as in larger organisations. I quickly realised that I was much more satisfied in an environment like the one at AB Tasty: young, dynamic, constantly changing and with real opportunities to grow.

Could you summarise in a few lines what an Administrative and Financial Manager does? What is a typical day for an Administrative and Financial Manager? How do you divide up your various assignments and your time?

As an Administrative and Financial Manager, I handle a wide variety of issues. I work on the legal aspects where I handle drafting contracts, I manage the human resource aspects with all of the hiring procedures, and I process a wide variety of administrative files (requests for benefits, for example).

It is difficult to describe a typical day since no two days are alike. Between the unexpected and the emergencies that have to be handled within the day, the hiring interviews that can’t wait, and the administrative and legal management that require in-depth work, I’m never bored!

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be an Administrative and Financial Manager?

I think it’s essential to be rigorous and organised, since between the in-depth issues that need to be handled and the last-minute problems that need to be managed, it’s easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed!

Can you tell us a story or an event that has stood out since you arrived at AB Tasty?

Every first Thursday of the month, drinks are organised with everybody. It’s an ideal moment to relax and get to know each other in a different context and, above all, have a laugh! Between karaoke nights, music quizzes, and some peoples’ amazing choreographies, you’re guaranteed a good time!

In general, how is life at AB Tasty?

Life at AB Tasty is enriching and sweet: it’s a real pleasure to come to work and share every day with people who are invested, dynamic, and nice (and no one threatened me to make me say that!).


Alix, Co-Founder