Our Customer Sucess Management team care and nurture AB Tasty’s clients, helping them through every step of their conversion optimisation journey. Providing them with full support, testing and personalization ideas, as well as an expert analysis of the results and advice on how to make the best possible data driven decisions.

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Spontaneous Application

Live my life as an... Optimisation Consultant, with Lucille

Could you say a few words about you, your history, your passions?

My name is Lucille, I’m 26, and I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Law from ESC Rouen.
I’ve been an Optimisation Consultant at AB Tasty for 10 months (and yet I’m one of the “oldest” on the team!).

I like theatre and stand-up comedy, eating, Swedish fit, and week-ends out of Paris!

Why did you decide to join a start-up, and more particularly, AB Tasty?

I knew straight away that a big company wasn't for me: too many procedures, not enough responsibility, and positions that were too compartmentalised.

After various experiences in start-ups I knew that it was in this sort of environment that I wanted to grow: a world where ideas pour out, procedures are limited, and every day is different.

During my interview at AB Tasty, I met every one of the team’s consultants: we got on really well, they were normal people and driven in their work. I thought to myself that I wanted to work with them and that I wanted to have a job that I love too.

Could you summarise in a few lines what an Optimisation Consultant does? What is a typical day for an Optimisation Consultant at AB Tasty? How do you divide up your various assignments and your time?

Each consultant has a portfolio of customers (around thirty) that they are in charge of. Our goal is to educate our customers about the tool, help them look for test ideas, implement them and then analyse them. Customer satisfaction and reactiveness are really two very important things for our team.

No two days are alike and our assignments are very varied: calls, training sessions and customer meetings, test analyses, building test roadmaps, site feature analyses, speaking engagements in conversion seminars, holding interviews for future applicants, cross-functional projects, coding lessons to improve at Javascript, etc. The weeks go by crazily fast!

In your opinion, what skills are needed to be an Optimisation Consultant?

You need to be patient, very quick to react, organised and know how to prioritise tasks, have good people skills and like other people, and, finally, be a “digital native”.

Can you tell us a story or an event that has stood out since you arrived at AB Tasty?

Barely two months after I arrived, we participated in the French Start-up Cup in La Rochelle. It’s a boat race between different start-ups. AB Tasty had 3 boats, the “Salad, Tomatoes, Onions”: a very memorable weekend!

In general, how is life at AB Tasty?

Incredibly good ☺ An interesting job, a team that sticks together, and an unparalleled company atmosphere!


Angélique, Responsable Consulting Métier
Arnaud, Chief Operating Officer
Mathieu, Responsable Consulting Technique